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     Joanna Boutiere

Hey you!  


Welcome to my universe! So glad you stopped by…how does it get any better than this?

If you are new to Accessing more of you and, looking for more awesome in your life, welcome to this amazing body of work that allows you to access your own magic and possibilities and change anything in your life that you would like to change.

My journey with Access Consciousness (the tools I play with) has been a whirl wind of crazy awesome….it took me a year or so to finally get what it was about and actually use the tools… now there is no turning back and the journey continues. So many changes….

What lead me to this body of work was all part of my exploring, and searching for something that would truly change my world and get me out of the monkey brain that I created over and over. All of the different modalities I played with were all a contribution in their own way and nothing was like Access to actually change things once and for all!!

Now that I continue to make Access a part of my life style I am in the space of creating change and opening up to limitless possibilities.

What I love with the Bars® and Access Tools is how much space it creates, and how the hamster wheel of thoughts are no longer part of my mental patterning. I have more energy to create new things in my business and personal life. Gone are the days of being on the couch watching endless TV programs. I have more creative energy and a new zest for life!!!


What else is possible that I never imagined?  I wonder?....

What else is possible YOU never imagined?

Being Magic ~ Joanna   


This was my first time to a Bars Session.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I arrived for it, however, I was absolutely delighted with the whole Bars Session experience.

I have never felt such a deep, warm, relaxed feeling throughout my entire body, as I did that night. It was as though I had let go of everything & anything that was bothering me & limiting me.

The Bars Sessions have been compared to defragmenting a computer, only it is your body which is going through this & that  is, what happen or did happen to me.. Not only was this so very peaceful, but it also left me feeling totally free which I still feel, two weeks later.

This was an amazing event, one that I am so glad I participated in. I for sure will be doing this again in the near future.

Thank you Joanna.

– Lynda Oscar



In short, the peace I felt is amazing and what amazes me even more is that when I think of the Bars session, the peace and contentment is right back inside of me!!  Much gratitude!!

– Anne Ring

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Awakening Possibilities

Joanna Boutiere

#1-244 First Ave.N.E.

Swift Current Sk.


         I share tips and tools that contribute to having                      more living and joy in your life and living.

 If you'd like some of this magic for you, join us in the conscious playground of possibilities.



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Awakening Possibilities

Joanna Boutiere

#1-244 First Ave.N.E.

Swift Current Sk.




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